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Private Equity Solutions

The aim of TRUE Financial Planning is to help you achieve your goals. Consistent investment performance is key. The core of your investments should target growth and volatility within the confines of your risk profile.

If, however, you are an experienced investor who really understands risk and does not depend on a roll of the dice to fund the normal living costs, exposing a small proportion of your portfolio to Private Equity may be attractive.

We are surprised by the number of new ideas and promising new ventures that have come to our attention. They range from new wonder drugs, medical technology products, Augmented Reality entertainment and education software, to real estate and farming opportunities. Not only are these typically uncorrelated to the main stockmarkets, but they also provide either a significant opportunity to get involved in leading-edge products or have the stability of a long-term income stream.

They can be exciting. And while you can really get passionate about them and involved with them, they are not for the faint-hearted. You could lose all of your investment if they don’t succeed. If you’re curious visit our events page here.

Perhaps you have a business idea of your own and are interested in knowing how to go about raising funds and support.

If so, request a meeting to talk about your business idea by clicking below.