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Expat Solutions

Capital Growth Solutions was established in 2002 by a British expat to serve the needs of fellow expats who needed a local adviser who understood their needs. This is still a fundamental part of our business. Hungary is now home to expats from America, Great Britain, Germany, France, Italy, Scandinavia, Africa, Asia and many other countries.  We also have associates based in Spain and Poland servicing the needs of Southern, Central, and Eastern Europe.

As an expat, you have the opportunity to base your finances in a tax-friendly environment and mitigate the effects of taxation. You don’t have to move your finances even if you move location.

While Capital Growth Solutions cannot give personal tax advice, we have connections with tax advisers around the world who are clued up on local tax and the international implications of multiple tax authorities trying to claim their piece of your wealth. We also have convenient, low-cost foreign exchange solutions that will reduce the impact the banks have on your money when you have to use different currencies on your travels.

If you have recently arrived in Hungary, if you travel a lot, if you are about to move on or have decided to stay long term, there are some special opportunities that you ought to consider.

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